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When a 100 year old Bearing company makes changes…it better last!

McGill Bearing has Jano, LLC redesign its logo and packaging.

McGill Precision Bearings has seen a lot of changes since it started in 1905. Throughout the years, it has seen two World Wars, the rise and fall of communism, and two Chicago Cubs World Series…Two! Throughout the years, McGill grew from a midwest manufacturer into a Global powerhouse.  When manufacturing went over-seas, McGill Precision Bearings kept true to its heritage and kept the values that made America great.


McGillLogo-design by Jano, LLC


Despite years of trying, the American icon of manufacturing could never find a new logo worthy of change.  All that changed when they let Jano, LLC have a crack at redesigning the 114 year old company.  Jano started working with McGill’s senior team to understand the core values of the company and where they are heading. Through listening, and close collaboration with the McGill team, a strategy was created that integrated the companies storied past with the companies future thinking approach of digital customer experiences.

While embracing the McGill legacy of integrity, a new logo was created that blended tradition with the companies forward thinking digital solutions.  Jano developed a strategy that would allow the 114 company’s logo to stand the test of time, and appear timeless.  The logo would need to last another 100.

Of course, any company with offices in Belgium, Asia and throughout the USA, will be subject to numerous levels of management input. When a company doesn’t change its look in over a century, its a big decision, with big executive input.   Jano, LLC met this  challenge with flexibility, understanding and enthusiasm.  Once the Bearing giant had a consensus to go with Jano’s logo design, they let the Jano design team have a shot a redesigning the McGill packaging.  Once again, McGill went with Jano, LLC….and the rest is, well, history!

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