“Friends With Benefits”

Valparaiso Downtown Dining had a story to tell.

11 restaurants working together as team, holding festivals, cross promoting, and coordinating outdoor dining campaigns to attract people to the historic downtown district.  Despite individual accolades, the Group lacked a brand identity or plan.


Under the leadership of newly appointed President, the group brought in Jano Marketing to change things up…and by the first weekend withtheir new firm, Valpo Downtown Dining became the talk of the region.

The campaign extenuated the benefits of friending the Dining Groups social media channels.  The Friends with Benefits campaign was launched. The name got the attention of the public, but it was the hundreds of video shorts and TV spots featuring the unique downtown culture that allowed the downtown to prosper.  Insightful, humorous, and entertaining, the video’s and other creative tactics helped make Valparaiso a destination for foodies in Chicago and throughout the region. Bon Appetit!

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Logo Design, Package Design, and Rebranding

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