Creating top-of-mind brand awareness

Kennedy Mazda was experiencing  market share loss.  

Kennedy Mazda turned to the Jano, LLC Marketing Team to put some “Zoom-Zoom” back into their marketing. The Jano team identified the dealership’s problem with its branding efforts and the mediums used for advertising.  The solution? Creating top-of-mind brand awareness through accentuating hometown values with remarkable film work.


Although the Mazda dealership was Valparaiso’s exclusive Mazda dealership, many people weren’t aware of the dealers location. Furthermore, Kennedy was advertising in mediums associated with the practice of using bogus margins and rebates.

The solution to both problems were resolved by branding the dealership with the city’s pride in its quality of life and high values.

Corporate Mazda’s slogan, “Driving Matters” was utilized as the foundation to Kennedy’s new branding. “Driven by Values that Matter’  The slogan puts emphasis on what it means to discover value in lieu of bogus discounts.

To accentuate the dealerships’ location and city pride, the Jano team created a commercial that featured gorgeous images of Mazda’s driving around Valparaiso’s landmarks, and downtown dining.  The gorgeous imagery of the Mazda driving around the city known for its values was captivating and branded the dealership with the city and its pride. The TV campaign targeted programming that matched closely with Mazda’s target market.

The dealership saw immediate improvements in brand awareness, identity, and sales. Create top-of-mind-brand awareness and drive new traffic with Jano, LLC.