Award-Winning Interview! Radius Chris Pavlou cruises Valpo in a Ram Truck

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  • August 28, 2020

In today’s celebrity interview, you’ll learn what drives Valparaiso’s award-winning Chef, Chris Pavlou.  These days, everyone seems to be talking about the charismatic owner of Radius-Valpo.  Radius was recently named the Restaurant of the Year in Northwest Indiana, honored at the Chefs of Steel competition, and named Best Service, Chicago.  Radius was also at the top of our Grieger’s sponsored, Top Music Venues list. Fasten your seat belt and hold on… it’s an Award-Winning Interview! Chef Chris Pavlou cruises Valpo in a Ram Truck

Chris Pavlou from Radius-Valpo

Today, you’ll learn Pavlou’s secret recipe for success.  So what drives this Chef? It’s a Ram HD- Motor Trends 2020 Truck of the Year.


  1. Video: Interview with Radius’ Chef Chris Pavlou
  2. The art of winning awards. It doesn’t happen just once
  3. Video: Chris Pavlou reviews the 2020 Ram Truck
  4. Video: Back-to-back! Its what you need!

The art of winning awards…it doesn’t happen just once!

secret to winning-lou holtz

The great Lou Holtz from Notre Dame once said that Championships are won, one play at a time. When you focus on fundamentals and execute them every day, success will follow. Successful teams have a unique culture that is followed by everyone.

John Wooden, perhaps the greatest coach in sports history, had a similar philosophy that yielded countless awards and accolades. Upon retiring, Wooden, the Wizard of Westwood, shared his secret. According to Coach Wooden, his secret was to never watch a game film or study the competition.

Wooden believed watching game films of the competition meant you were playing to their level. By focusing on being the best you can be, you’re only competing with yourself. Wooden believed you can’t lose when you know you gave it everything you got!

Jon Wooden-greatest coach ever learn the secret to winning.

For the record. Coach Wooden won ten NCAA national championships in a 12-year period as head coach at UCLA, including a record seven in a row. Within this period, his teams won an NCAA men’s basketball record 88 consecutive games.

Pavlou reveals the secret recipe for the Radius success.

Chef Chris Pavlou never met John Wooden, but his philosophies and expectations of his team are ironically similar. In our video interview, Pavlou mentions he doesn’t look at other restaurants as competition. He competes against himself.  Whether it’s creating a new recipe, booking music, or making improvements to his dining space.

Pavlou believes a great customer experience requires an insatiable drive to get better.

At the cornerstone of his business model is to create a remarkable experience… and this is done one customer at a time. Wake up the echoes! I think Lou Holtz would like Pavlou.

Father knows best!

Creating a remarkable experience for every customer that walks into Radius-Valpo was learned from Pavlou’s father, Ted Pavlou. “I learned from my father that you need to welcome every customer when they walk in and thank them when they leave”.

As where Pavlou’s mother and father sculptured this Chef’s work ethic, it is his wife Tina and his kids Alyssa and Niko that inspire him. The great ones always seem to have a great family as a supporting cast.

Best service Chicago is a Radius sign of great customer experience
Radius recently won ten 2020 Diners’ Choice Awards, including Best Service, Chicago

  Chef Pavlou turns critic. Driving the 2020 Ram HD-Motor Trends Truck of the Year

Driven to create a remarkable experience

Even the menu is inspired by the Radius experience. The desire to innovate new recipes is driven by the insatiable drive to create a fresh experience for his loyal fans. The food and drink menus change often because people love innovation.

chefs of steel- best burger

The passion to keep the Radius experience fresh is shared within the Radius culture. Pavlou’s staff works as a team to create fun cocktails, while Pavlou considers himself the Picasso of great food. His canvas? The All-American hamburger.

Insatiable. The desire to please customers doesn’t stop with the innovative recipes of his diverse menu. Pavlou set up his restaurant in a location that is as extraordinary as his menu. In the heart of Valpo, Radius customers love to see and be seen. Nothing beats al fresco dining in downtown Valpo, and Radius is arguably the best seat in town. Even Radius’ live entertainment is worthy of winning awards.

radius Valpo restaurant of the Year in Valpo-best seat in Valpo for outdoor dining

Pavlou was first introduced to Griegers Motors when Radius-Valpo was recognized as a top pick for Valpo’s best music venues.  Pavlou quickly learned to respect Griegers and it wasn’t because of the long list of awards the Valpo dealership has won. Pavlou appreciates how they do it. Griegers Motors shares Pavlou’s drive to create a remarkable experience.

Griegers customer first

The Griegers customer experience. Where the rubber meets the road.

winter car safety tips- Brad Hallal

When Brad Hallal first approached me about creating Cool Cars.No Boundaries, it was because he wanted to create fun experiences for his customers long after buying a car or truck.  For Hallal, creating a great customer journey needs to include cool places to go and great places to eat. It’s all about the experience.

customer 1st winner
Griegers Motors has won the JD Powers Customer 1st Award-3 Years Running

The wizards of Valpo?

Brad Hallal and Chris Pavlou seem to have much in common. Both Radius and Griegers Motors are winners of countless awards. Like Pavlou, Hallal learned the art of creating a remarkable experience from his father-in-law, David Rodgers. Hallal doesn’t play to the competition- he wouldn’t be Northwest Indiana’s only three-time Customer 1st winner if he did.

Read More: Griegers Motors and the J.D. Powers Customer 1st Award.

Griegers-Valpo- helping community

Frequently, when I’m in the Griegers Service Department having an oil change or getting my vehicle serviced, I’ll run into Dave Rodgers or Brad Hallal. They usually appear to be following up with the status of a customer’s car or truck. If you’ve been around as many dealerships as I have, you’ll know its rare to see an owner or GM in the back end.

But then again, it’s rare to see a dealership win 3 consecutive JD. Powers Awards!

…and if you were wondering, they always seem to find time to say hello!

The secret is revealed!

So what’s the secret to winning awards? Say hello to every customer and thank them when they leave… and make sure they have a remarkable experience in between. Just make sure it’s done one customer at a time.

-Jim Jano Janesheski

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