Griegers Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep-Ram- earn remarkable-results-via -Jano-SEO-Blogging


Griegers Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep-Ram- earn remarkable-results-via -Jano-SEO-Blogging

Griegers Motors didn’t earn its national accolades without smart marketing. So when they needed to put punch into their local SEO, they turned to Jano, LLC.  With partner Meta, the Jano team started improvements through digital audits, reports, keyword research and understanding the goals of Northwest Indiana’s largest volume Jeep and Ram dealership.  With a combination of technical improvements to the Griegers site and an innovative blog strategy, the Jano firm found a creative means of reaching the market with relative, engaging, and entertaining content. 

Is content king? Just look at these numbers!

Organic Traffic–   Organic traffic-Jano’s first day on the job.  2,105 hits per day.  6 months later…. 3,205 hits per dayOrganic keywords– Organic Keywords- Jano’s first day on the job.  6 months later… 3764 Keywords. Spiked to 5,851 Keywords.

Jano-SEO - blogging-analytics -remarkable
Jano-SEO - blogging-analytics -remarkable
Jano-SEO - blogging-analytics -remarkable

Traffic Value- file #2

* The SEO Traffic Value is an Google estimated traffic value based on first-page organic keywords a company has in Google. The value is derived from the equivalent PPC dollars should the company run PPC campaigns in all search engines with their organic keywords.  

Just as remarkable, both blogs reached page one within a week- in a highly competitive search.

The Big Chicago Agency resorted to blogging on March 20….using Black Hat Tactics.  Google punished the client


Is Content King? Just look at the difference in organic reach!

JANO – SEO & Technical Bundles

The tenants of the monthly SEO bundle can be exemplified by the below summary.  It articulates services being provided to a client on a monthly basis.  A larger monthly budget accelerates the timeline of the services rendered as part of the plan.

Chef Carlos wasn’t satisfied with his digital customer experience!

A monthly SEO package is web-based marketing campaign focused on achieving measurable results for a company based on the tenants of:

  1. Determining keywords targeted to integrate with each individual company’s brand, values, goals, and staff.
  2. Improving the user experience of a company’s online presence
  3. Tracking and measuring online traffic
  4. Orchestrating specific ‘calls-to-action’ which funnels online traffic of users into a company’s sales funnel

Implementing marketing campaigns optimized for search engines and user experience is comprised of two main areas of focus:

  • Technical improvements to a company’s online presence (primarily website)
    • After researching a company’s industry, the competition within it, and determining marketing goals, a base line assessment of the company’s current online presence and user experience to track progress on technical improvements to the website
    • Depending on the circumstances, ensuring that each campaign has a process established and agreed upon by both parties. Documentation and training is critical to managing workflow and responsibilities delegated to a company’s long-term marketing goals
  • Active blog-based marketing centered upon keyword targeted blog posts that engage the company’s online target market
    • Unique copywrite on blog posts that actively engages the targeted demographic by increasing the company’s specific client acquisition sales funnel
Don Quijote - earned- remarkable- SEO -from-blogging
Don Quijote: Remarkable blogging for remarkable results.

Technical Improvements

  • Automated monthly website traffic reports detailing site traffic broken down by user geographic location, keyword(s) used, device used to access website, time on page, bounce rate, page loading speed, user experience flowchart, and user demographics (when possible)
  • Image and video compression
  • Adding keyword-relevant alt image descriptions for all images on website
  • Linking social media accounts to website
  • Identifying and fixing any broken backlinks and re-directs on website
  • Optimizing pages of website for mobile traffic (if necessary)
  • Automate all calls-to-action to be sent to relevant decision makers
  • Minifying any unnecessary bloated script and cascading style sheets being used on website
  • Indexing website with Google Search Console
  • Depending on the company’s current website, setting up a subdomain for the blog posts may be necessary to best integrate posts with current workflow and processes

Active Marketing Campaigns

  • Keyword research for all blog posts utilizing the following resources:
    • AHREF Analytics and reports
    • Google Keyword Planner
    • Google AdWords
    • Google search volume reports
    • SEMRUSH keyword suggestion
    • Screaming Frog keyword search traffic over time
    • Consultation with company marketing goals
  • Adding relevant quality backlinks to all blog posts
  • Distribution of posts on all relevant social media outlets
  • Identifying specific CTAs for target markets and integrating the call-to-action into each blog post
  • Copyrighting of content that is engaging towards a geographically-targeted user demographic
  • Engaging the community in ways that align with events and places in the surrounding community
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